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Book Review The Land of Five Towers

The Land of Five TowersThe Land of Five Towers by Ahmad Fuadi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There are two things that captured my mind during reading this novel. The first is man jadda wa jadda. I think a lot of people can relate to this proverb. it is a powerful message that we can use to motivate our self or somebody else. If you want a biger fish and you need a bigger bait, a bigger sacrifices. The bait or sacrifices are your never ending effort to learn. Never give up ontrying or learning and the last thing is to pray so that the universe will join your effort and so that you will be prepared if that work, sacrificed that you offered didn't work out they way you want it, and you will be patient to embark on another plan. Pray that you might be wise and humble as well. Man jaddawa jadda the man who try is the man who succeed.

The second, the novel is about the live in a pesantren (Madani Pesantren).
Page 187... Never in my life had I seen people studying together in such large number in one place.At MP people studied all the time, everywhere. we were able to read while walking, riding bikes, in line for the bathroom, while eating, even while dozing off. Our spirits got higher when exam time came.... I am half questioned if this is a real life of the pesantren or just the fiction-ideal life style that only happen in the author imagination. Since the author have learned in several university abroad like in the US and England, it is possible that He imagined that someday Indonesias school or pesantren would have a climate of study like the ones that he has visited abroad. If it is a real description then I would recommend that kind of pesantren to people who really want to study.

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