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Book Review: Logos

LogosLogos by John Neeleman
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I finally reached the last page. This is not worth the time. Sorry to say that. The book is about the view of the writer of how Christian belief, especially how the Bible-Logos, came to the world. In order to bring the idea alive the writer set up fictional characters and knitted them around historical events that are well recognized in the bible and in the Jews history. Jacob Ben Aron-from the house of David, the main character, a priest in Holly Temple of Jerusalem, went trough a terrible experience due to the Roman aggression over Jerusalem. Jacob lost his parents, his wife and his only son during the siege of Jerusalem. Not only Jacob hurt physically, he also spiritually wounded because the Holly Temple was ruined by Roman and He departed his homeland. Later on He met another woman, an Ismaelites, but God took her from Him in another tragic way leave him mad and wondering in wilderness but that's not the end. Later on He made it to Rome and became a member of royal court and with his fellow Jews plotting against Roman. Friendship and betrayal, nationalism and hypocritical, gore war and lust in a very descriptive way possible were presented. One other thing is the book should came with a map,since not all readers got A in Geography. I will also not recommend this book for a Christian.

Aso Thanks for the book. Jangan kecewa karena review saya gak bagus dan jangan bosan ngasih saya buku :) this is just my honest feeling. Bukunya sampai morat marit saking lamanya baru habis.:)

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